Photo by: Polina Shershenkova, Anastasia Blur

Sound installation

Acusmonium is an ensemble of selected loudspeakers of various types, which, despite the technical similarity, differ from each other no less than various instruments of the symphonic orchestra. Depending on size and number of the speakers, acoustic design and their position in space, there can be more differences between two different loudspeakers than between a double bass and a flute.

Operation of the “Acousmath” acousmatic system based on revealing the nature of these differences and calculating their characteristics. The system transforms the room space into an autonomous musical instrument, which is a feed-backed acoustical/mathematical sound generator.

Overall sound of the system is forming by three complementary units:

  • acoustical unit, consisting of ensemble of prepared loudspeakers and microphone;
  • witching unit, that provides the sound flow distribution to different loudspeakers in accordance with a predefined law;
  • omputing unit, that collects acoustical data from distributed sound sources and sound reflections, converts them into digital form, produces various mathematical operations with these data and then reconverts the result into audible sound.

Using of authentic loudspeakers and a microphone produced in the 1970s and 1980s in the USSR and in France allows to achieve the specific sounding of early acousmatic experiments.

06.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
The New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg
“Acousmonium” international festival of acousmatic music