Photo by: Polina Shershenkova

Audiovisual installation

Deflection(s) is immersive interactive audiovisual space reacting to listeners presence and movements by microchanges of illumination and sounds. The electronic analog video signal receives information from invisible infrared radiation. Then this signal is interpreted as the carrier of the visible image and audible sound by means of usual video projectors and radios.

The signal from a video camera is passed to the radio receiver and to the projector located in the next corner to the right of it. Thus, in the absence of the movements the system remains stable and doesn't form optical feedback chains. However, people that are staying or moving in the space in front of source of infrared radiation are inducing the accumulation of optical projections in the video frame, which is sharply changing sound and light environment of the space.

This installation examines the transformation of visible and infrared light through electronic and optical feedback, as well as the unity and mutual interpretation of analog video and audio signals by means of technological solutions from the 1980s.

24.06.2016 - 26.06.2016
The New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saint-Petersburg
International festival of sound-art and experimental music "Dark sounds in white nights"
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